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Staff Survey Questionnaires

Please fill out the questions below to the best of your knowledge. All information gathered in this survey is done so on an anonymous basis.

Please rate the following areas of our organisation using the scale provided:

Strongly Agree
Strongly Disagree
[Company] offers better benefits than other companies          
[Company] offers excellent benefits          
The benefits statement I received was clear and easy to understand          
The premiums for benefits are reasonable          
The benefits offered provide security for me and my family          
I can speak freely to my supervisor on a variety of topics          
Co-Workers are willing to listen to my ideas          
My Supervisor has excellent interpersonal skills          
There is good communication between me and my supervisor          
There are no barriers to open and efficient communication          
[Company] is a good community neighbour          
[Company] new employee orientation includes information about our culture          
[Company] fosters an environment where diverse individuals can work together effectively          
Employees are valued as an asset to [Company]          
Employees are generally friendly and willing to help you if needed          
[Company] focuses on providing excellent customer service          
I receive good feedback from customers          
Managers are focused on improving customer service          
The training I receive reinforces customer focus          
Service is responsive and meets the needs of customers          
The grievance process used at [Company] is fair and equitable          
I can go to My Supervisor if I have a problem          
My Supervisor effectively resolves employee problems and labour issues          
Managers follow the grievance procedures          
Labour and Management meet regularly to discuss important issues          
I enjoy working at [Company]          
I am proud to tell others I work for [Company]          
I receive personal satisfaction from doing a good job          
I like my work          
I feel good about working in My Department          
The managers keep us informed about issues at [Company]          
I feel manager's value honest and candid feedback          
Managers are focused on improving customer service          
Managers create a sense of teamwork and company spirit          
Managers help create a dialog with employees          
The pay offered by [Company] is very competitive          
[Company] maintains a competitive pay and benefits package          
[Company] pay policy helps attract and retain high performing employees          
I am satisfied with the level of pay I receive          
I am paid fairly 26          
[Company] encourages employees to work to the best of their abilities          
I am held accountable for achieving specific results          
I know how [Company] measures its performance          
My Department has specific performance measures          
Performance measures are evaluated on a quarterly basis          
I receive regular performance reviews          
I trust the feedback I receive from my Supervisor          
I understand how I am evaluated          
My Supervisor gives me constructive feedback          
The Performance Management Process is fair          
My Department focuses on solving problems instead of finding fault          
My Department anticipates and resolves problems          
We work to anticipate problems and develop appropriate solutions          
Problems are solved at the root cause, not just at the symptom level          
We work together to solve problems          
I can manage information and technical resources to achieve objectives          
I understand the process of allocating fiscal resources          
My Supervisor uses information and technical resources to achieve objectives          
My Department has adequate funding and resources to accomplish our goals          
The Leadership is effective in allocating financial resources          
[Company] values my work          
I receive recognition when I do a good job          
Employees are recognised for good work performance          
My Supervisor praises me for a job well done          
Performance incentives are clearly linked to standards and goals          
My Supervisor tries to learn new things          
My Supervisor gives me constructive feedback          
My Supervisor has a positive attitude when new changes are implemented          
My Supervisor is effective in maximizing the potential of employees          
My Supervisor is open to suggestions          
We work as a team at [Company]          
I feel I am part of the team          
Leaders promote teamwork          
My Department works well together          
Information is freely shared among all team members          
[Company] invests in employees through training and development          
[Company] should offer training on how to improve effectiveness of meetings          
The training I receive reinforces customer focus          
I have received good training to do my job          
The New Employee orientation program is very informative          
[Company] helps employees find an ideal balance between work and life responsibilities          
[Company] offers adequate telecommuting, scheduling flexibility, and childcare opportunities          
[Company] offers excellent parking facilities          
[Company] is a family-friendly place to work          
I have enough time to do my work          

Do you have any final comments or suggestions to help us improve?



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