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Employee Engagement Survey Questions

  1. Please be honest and constructive in your answers
  2. Try to answer the survey completely in one setting, you cannot return to your input and edit your answers after you have submitted and you are unable to save part completed answers
  3. Do not try to submit more than one response and please complete from your own computer. The system will detect your IP address and will identify multiple entries
  4. Do not submit a false response, this will only damage our ability to get valuable results from the survey which will lead to decisive actions for improvement
  5. Please complete all questions and contribute to the open questions will as many thoughts as possible, though please try to be succinct in your input
  6. If you have difficulties accessing the site please inform your local HR Team immediately.

Your Benefits:

Strongly Agree
Strongly Disagree
[Company] offers a comprehensive benefits package          
[Company] offers better benefits than other companies          
I know the value of my benefits          
The benefits offered provide security for me and my family          
The Benefits department provides accurate and helpful information          
[Company] offers an excellent leadership development program          
There is equal opportunity for advancement at [Company]          
I have been given more responsibilities since when I started          
I can advance at [Company]          
Job promotions are awarded based on merit          
I regularly read [Company] newsletter and other publications          
Co-workers share information and new ideas throughout [Company]          
My Supervisor listens to me          
Managers communicate frequently and honestly about issues affecting employees          
Managers keep me informed and up-to-date          
[Company] supports honest two-way communication between Managers and          

Our Employees:

Strongly Agree
Strongly Disagree
Employees at [Company] regularly share and exchange ideas          
Others treat me with respect at work          
Our organisation values the individual worker          
Our culture promotes a balance between work and family life          
The grievance process used at [Company] is fair and equitable          
I can go to My Supervisor if I have a problem          
Managers show fairness and respect in their interactions with employees          
Labour and Management are committed to working together          
Workplace issues are resolved fairly and quickly          
I feel satisfied at [Company]          
I get a sense of personal accomplishment from my work          
My job is rewarding          
I enjoy coming to work          
I have good working relationships with my co-workers          
The managers keep us informed about issues at [Company]          
Managers empower employees to make effective decisions          
Managers know what they are doing          
Managers encourage initiative          
Management is able to adjust rapidly to new situations          
[Company] pay policy helps attract and retain high performing employees          
I am satisfied with the level of pay I receive          
I feel I am adequately paid compared to my colleagues at other companies          
My pay matches my job performance          
My Supervisor is always trying to make sure I am fairly compensated          
I have all the tools and equipment I need to do my job well          
My Supervisor is effective in maximizing the potential of others          
My Department has adequate funding and resources to accomplish our goals          
My Department effectively manages technological resources to achieve objectives          
The Leadership is effective in allocating financial resources          
[Company] offers rewards based on performance          
I receive recognition when I do a good job          
I am rewarded for exceeding my goals          
Employees are recognized for good work performance          
The performance incentives are meaningful          
I know what is expected of me          
I do not fear losing my job          
I have a sense of security in my job          
My position with [Company] is strong          
My Supervisor gives me the freedom to do my job how I see best          
I feel I am part of the team          
In my Department, we work as a team          
Other team members will help me if I need help          
Team members take pride in their work          
Our team fosters open communication and recognises individual contributions          
[Company] employs competent and skilled trainers          
I have the skills I need to do my job          
The training I receive is relevant to my job          
Training opportunities are available to everyone          
The trainers used are knowledgeable and effective          
[Company] helps employees find an ideal balance between work and life responsibilities          
[Company] is a family-friendly place to work          
I have enough time to do my work          
I can adjust my work schedule if needed          
My work schedule is flexible enough to meet my needs          

Please identify 3 areas that need improvement and offer solution ideas:


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Employee Engagement Survey Questions




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