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Training Survey Questions

A. Demographic Information

Please confirm:

Your Gender
  • Male
  • Female
Do you have a disability
  • Yes
  • No
Your Age
  • Under 50
  • Over 50

B. Training

Please rank the following, using a scale of 1 to 5 where 1=(Not Important) to 5=(Important)

In House Training:

Professional Journals:
Web-Based Education:
Postsecondary Courses:
Training Provided by City or State Agencies:

Customer Relations Training Needs:

Methods to improve communication:
Problem-solving techniques/ Conflict Resolution:
Negotiation Skills:
Informed Choice:

Organisational Development Training Needs:

Supervisory Skills:
Adapting to Change:
Leadership Skills:
Team Building:

Coaching/ Mentoring:

Recruitment & Retention:
Performance Evaluation:

Technology Training Needs:

Accessing Web Resources:
Assistive Technology:
Basic Computer Operation/ Orientation:
Word Processing:
Advice/ Support:

Personnel Development Training Needs:

Job Development:
Benefits Counseling:
Positive Behavioral Support:
Knowledge of Disability Groups:
Dealing with Difficulty Behavior:
Multicultural Sensitivity Training:

Preferred Methods of Training:

Workshops/ Seminars:
Self-guided study (reading, Web, video):
Classroom Instruction:

Factors That Influence Your Participation in Training:

Travel Distance to Training:
Lack of Monetary Support:
Lack of Agency Encouragement:
Not Interested in Topics:
Lack of Training Notification:
Time Not Convenient:

C. Overall Comments

Please tell us what you believe to be the most important training needs in your state for community rehabilitation providers:

Please list a few of the best trainings you've received and why you benefited from them:

Other comments, ideas, or suggestions appreciated:

Thank you for your consideration and participation!!


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Training Survey Questions




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